The Ice Hotel

The first ice hotel in Romania, even in Southeast Europe, was constructed in winter 2005/06. As the first building of its kind in Eastern Europe, success came immediately, approx. 3,000 local and foreign tourists visited there on the top of the Carpathians.

First Hotel of Ice at Balea Lac. As the ice project grew bigger,  it developed new features like Ice Bar, Ice Restaurant, the Ice Church and a Winter Park for Ski and Snowboard lovers. Each season, the project includes a series of events organized on occasion of the most important holidays and special events of the main partners and sponsors. The developer of all this is Arnold Klingeis.

Extending the idea. After the success witnessed in the first season, in winter 2006/07, they decided to continue the project and thus built the second Hotel of Ice at Balea Lac. That year the hotel consisted of 12 rooms. The motto of this project was related to religious tourism. The hotel was shaped like a cross, and in the immediate vicinity of the hotel we mounted a church that was built of ice.

First Ice Bar and Ice Restaurant in 2009 season. In their fifth´s season in 2009/10 again they surprised their visitors with some new attractions. For the first time they opened an Ice Bar and an Ice Restaurant accompanied by an esplanade with an unique exhibition of ice sculptures. Up until today guest can enjoy a cocktail or special menu in the Hotel of Ice.

A Brand for Fagaras Mountains. In addition to tourists, Hotel of Ice drew attention of the Romanian media as well as of international journalists. Also, several bands and artists from the world of Romanian music and various celebrities from show business performed at Hotel of Ice, filmed videos, TV programs or organized photo shoots. From year to year Hotel of Ice’s popularity grew, climbing about 8,000 visitors each season at Balea Lake to visit the attraction on top of the Carpathians.

Tourism marketing project „Hotel of Ice – Balea Lac“, whose initiator is Arnold Klingeis, is conducted by Klingeis Consulting SRL. Its main aim is to promote the touristic potential of the Fagaras Mountains, and the creation and development of a strong tourism brand for Lake Balea Lac, combining natural resources with an innovative and dynamic entertainment.

The Hotel of Ice in the Romanian Carpathians – a challenge, a thought born from the desire to bring something new to Romanian tourism, something that combines adventure and fun with the latest concepts of tourism promotion.