Sports & Extreme Sports

Hiking and trekking
The Carpathian mountain range forms a huge arc in the centre of Romania. In fact, 31% of the country is mountainous. Within this range are innumerable places of natural beauty: mountain peaks, gorges, lakes, forests, caves, mud volcanoes and fossil deposits. It is very easy to find a great hiking trail. Romania has more than 400 parks and nature reservations protecting hundreds of species of flora and fauna. The variety of terrain, from mountainous to gentle, offers something for every hiker regardless of skill or level. Rock-climbing enthusiasts should head for the main rock-climbing gateways: Busteni, Sinaia, Zarnesti and Petrosani.

With a terrain that ranges from steep and challenging to gentle and pleasant, Romania offers bikers of all skills and levels something to enjoy along its bike trails. Magnificent scenery offered by trails through woods or traditional villages invite bikers to stop quite often.

Horseback riding
Romania’s Carpathian mountains and rural areas offer excellent possibilities for Horseback Riding vacations.

Horseback riding vacations are a popular way to see Romania, a Central European country where most people live in rural areas and make a living from the land. There is much history and natural beauty in Romania, which is best explored from the saddle. About the size of Oregon, Romania’s diverse terrain inlcudes stunning mountains, fertile orchards and vineyards, beautiful rolling hills, fertile plains and numerous rivers and lakes. In fact, much of the country is covered by the Carpathian Mountains, also known as the Transylvanian Alps.

These Romania riding vacations are in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania in the center of the country. There are no gates to open and you are not restricted to bridle paths or paved roads – instead there are seemingly endless meadows, forest tracks, mountain rides, historic castles, medieval towns and beautiful open land to explore. The riding is a mix of paces to suit the terrain and is fast in places.

With more than 160 species of game fish, the Danube Delta is truly a fisherman’s paradise. Trophy-size catfish, carp, pike, sturgeon and more thrive in the hundreds of lakes and rivers that dot the land of Romania. Fishing is permitted in any lake or river of Romania, year round, except from April 1 until May 31.

Golf in Romania is enjoying a bit of a renaissance period with more and more players registering for golf clubs every year. The Romanian Golf Federation was set up in 2004 and its main aim was to bring as many families as possible to the sport – offering discounted group lessons and courses to youngsters and their parents.

Diplomatic Golf Course – 6 holes (with planed extension until 9), driving range, swimming pool, tennis courts, footbal field, conference center, restaurants.

“Paul Tomita” Golf Club has 18 holes, 70 ha, par 72, Club House, swimming pool, Hotel, restaurant.
Until 2008 there was only 9 holes played from 1995. For sure is the most beautiful course within Romania at this time and represents the place where the  most important national golf competitions are organized. Actually here in 2008 was organized the first International official open amateurs championship under BMW brand.

“Lac de Verde” Golf Club is the newest golf course in Romania and is a 9 holes golf course, designed by a 50 years experience professional golf player (vice champion of Hawaii and member of PGA of Hawaii Aloha Section) – Ronald Castillo. This person is the one who gave first golf lesson to the President of “Lac de Verde” Golf Club back in 1998 and organized intensive golf programs (in 2001) for the 16 persons initial instructors’ team from “Lac de Verde”.

Bucharest Golf & Country Club
The only PGA Golf Academy from Romania represented now in their Driving Range near Bucharest (Chitila, Zurbaua, 5 km from Bucharest). A property of 90 ha along old forest, nice surroundings and near by huge investments will bring an 18 holes exclusivist golf course associated with a 6 holes for not members.
Selas Golf & Polo Club
30 km from Bucharest, 9 holes golf course, polo field, clubhouse, swimming pool, tennis court. ( The owner has 2 other golf projects surrounded by real estate investments, both pretty close to Bucharest.
Tite Golf Resort
25 km from Timisoara. 35 ha, guest house, 2 ha driving range, 9 holes golf course. Starting with July 2007 this Club strongly developed, as number of players and competitions, because of a strong local new group of investors. Good contribution is to be mentioned also, Marius Popescu involvement as administrator of the Club and coach.

When the snow melts and water swells the streams and rivers, rafting and hydrospeeding come into their own. Guest houses offer lodging close to the biggest rivers. Crişul Repede, Jiu, Mureş and Bistriţa are ideal for beginners while Nera and Cerna are located on fascinating gorges, which are also a paradise for birdwatchers.

A third of the country’s area is covered by the Carpathian Mountains, which makes Romania a preferred travel destination for lovers of wintersports. Prahovei Valley has several ski slopes with various levels of difficulty, served by chair and T-bar ski lifts.

A multitude of mountain resorts offer slopes from novice to challenging. Many of these resorts offer a multitude of other activities including cross-country skiing, snowboarding and tubing. The highest ski point in Romania has an altitude of 6,600 ft. The major ski resorts are Poiana Brasov, Sinaia, Predeal, Paltinis and Runcu.

Water Sports
The shores of the Black Sea offer ideal destinations for those who love water sports.  At the Black Sea resorts you can windsurf, water-ski and scuba dive. Canoeing or kayaking is possible on rivers and lakes, while a kayak is the ideal way to explore the Danube Delta. You will need your own equipment.