Fun & Aqua Parks

The number of adventure parks in Romania has been growing in recent years, as people are more and more interested in outdoor activities that test both their physical and mental abilities. Climbing trees and going on off-road trails are fun and healthy exercises and a good way to spend weekends.

Amusement parks make holidays unforgettable for children and grown-ups alike. Let’s find out next which are the most beautiful such parks in Romania. And we start our adventure in the center of the country, in Brasov county, where we invite you to discover the first park in Romania that included tree climbing among the activities taking place in the forest. “Parc Aventura Brasov” is about sports and recreational activities in the open. This is a very pleasant way of spending one’s spare time with one’s family, friends and work colleagues. The park covers 2.5 hectares, has 14 routes with progressive difficulty and includes suspension bridges and zip lines.

A mini zoo, a multi-sports ground, a climbing wall, a mini golf course, air castles, petanque- a specific French game known to Romanians from the film “Le gendarme de Saint Tropez” – these are some of the attractions in this amusement park. But the most interesting attractions are the routes.

Another attractive amusement park in Romania is the Balu Park, in Harghita spa and resort.Balu Park is the largest adventure park in Romania. A 1,000-meter long zip line, over a lake. The park offers opportunities for practicing 150 games. Here you can find also  a skating rink and snow tubing facilities, which resemble the attractions in Aqua Parks. Ski slopes are 7,300 m long. Tourists come to this park both in summer and winter.

Arsenal Park.  If you want to live the feeling of being in the army you can choose a Cannon room or a APC room. If you want to spend your jouney in comfort you can ask for Colonel Apartment or a General Villa. The Spa Center is at a 5 stars standard. The food is tasty and cheap. You can have a lot of outdoor activities – military training, firearms shooting, footbal, basketball, tennis. paintball, airsoft, fitness, minigolf. There is also a building with indoor activities, you can find pool tables, darts, backgammon, poker tables, cards, ping-pong tables, football tables. It is definitely a must-see! A unique experience!

Salina Turda is a modern day Cave of Wonders. Except instead of being filled with glitter and gold, the cave is home to a much saltier history.

Salina Turda, located in Romania, was abandoned as a salt mine in 1932 and pretty much ignored until after World War II, when it was given a new life as an anti-aircraft shelter, followed by a warehouse for cheese storage.

Then in 1992, the cave was named a tourism site and opened to the public. Salina Turda is now a beautiful gallery, amusement park and museum of the salt mining days.

Another attraction of Romania is the Aqua Park in Arad, in the west, which was built from European funds and opened this year. The park covers 12,500 square meters. The park is open all year long and has two compounds: indoors and outdoors. The indoor compound has three swimming pools, seven saunas, a restaurant, a gym and a medical center.

The amusement and adventure parks in Romania offer lots of opportunities for spending the winter holidays here. So, don’t wait any longer, pick one and come to Romania!