The Transrarau

The Transrarau, one of the most important touristic roads in the mountains of Moldova, linking Bistrita Valley to Pojorata, from Chiril (Cyril) and Moldova’s Valley, was opened in 2014, after a period of reconditioning.

The name of this road comes from the Rarau mountains, which it crosses. You can already find snow there in november, mingling with the vibrant colors of autumn leaves. All in all, the 30 kilometer journey is almost like one of those fairytales grandmother used to tell by the fire.
On this portion of road, from Chiril to the Chalet, the maximum speed allowed will be 30 km/h and the large cars are banned for traffic here.

Aside from a narrow portion at the very top that will require a bit more caution than the rest, the road is fairly easy to navigate.  The view from all the way up on a clear day is very spectacular. One of the main attractions points here, are the ‘Lady’s Rocks’.

“In other places there could be much larger mountains or more powerful rivers, the sea or the ocean, but here, the Rarau represents the fundamental dimension of the world, the cosmic side of life and history”, noted the writer Geo Bogza in one of his books.

One of the legends says that in 1541, the ruler Petru Rares would have found a place in the Rarau Mountains to put his family and part of his fortune to cover running from the Tatar hordes. Followed by the invaders, Lady Elena, Petru Rares’ wife and their son, would have refuged themselves in a cave to pray, and huge rocks would have been removed and would have fallen over the place where the treasure was, burying the thieves also.

This is a road generically called ‘’TransRarau The Treasures’ Road’’, the name coming from the mountain area, theLady’s Rocks’, also from the natural treasures that are here, as the resources and the people of these places, too.