Maldăr Manor

Maldăr Manor

Maldăr Manor invites you to sample the boyar charm of old-fashioned Oltenia.The estate, situated near Horezu on the lower slopes of Măgura Slătioara in Măldărești, welcomes you to an authentic kula, where every nook is alive with stories of knights and ladies of old. Each of the manor’s fifteen rooms has its own tale and is brimming with charming details: authentic historic furniture, traditional carpets, dowry chests, and starched linen.

What is the best way to start a day of leisure at the manor? By savouring a steaming cup of coffee on the dazzlingly white balcony, under the arches from where the boyars of old once scanned the horizon. Allow yourself a moment of respite from the everyday grind and let yourself be enticed into a world of legend…

Monasteries: Polovragi, Hurezu, Bistrița, Arnota, Mănăstirea dintr-un lemn, Govora, Cozia
Gorges: Oltețului, Sohodolului (aprox. 70 km), Bistriței
Spas: Olănesti, Călimănești, Căciulata
Caves: Peștera Muierii, Peștera Polovragi, Peștera Liliecilor
Museums: The Kulas of Măldărești, The Anton Pann House, The Constantine Brâncuși Museum (aprox. 70 km), The Bujoreni Museum of the Peasant
Hiking: Transalpina, Stațiunea de ski Rânca, Rezervatia Naturală Buila-Vanturița

The rooms at the manor are fairytale chambers named after princesses of old. Each chamber comprises a refined whole, in which authentic historic furniture, old beams and traditional carpets combine harmoniously with the most modern of comforts.

In a setting of legend, the talk is long and appetites hearty. Our restaurant will greet you with traditional Oltenian cooking, as well as refined dishes from the sumptuous boyar menus of olden days, with French cuisine a specialty. Every day you will be able to sample a different combination of flavours, depending on your mood or the historical tales that have happened to inspire you.

Whatever your choice, we shall also we able to recommend the perfect wine our collection, which includes vintages from all the region’s vineyards. Having chatted about the boyars of old, we come to dessert, when history itself starts to become irresistibly sweet.

Double room: 81 euro / night (breakfast included)
Single room: 59 euro / night (breakfast included)
Group discounts available. For more informations about this offer contact us at +31684344815 or by filling the form bellow.