Conacul dintre vii

Story of a manor and a traveller…

End of the 19th century in Walachia. The traveller, tired and burdened with daily worries, seeks rest and comfort at the end of the small road with cherry trees, among the endless vineyards. He stops at Conacul dintre vii  for the first time. He somewhat hesitates. He has seen enough bad though swank inns with stupid decorations, foods and doubtful provenience and nothing to do. He finds Conacul dintre vii different already. The moderately wealthy manor arranged according to Romanian customs, with all outbuildings necessary for the household and useful for guests. Furnished according to the time’s style in wood and raw iron, with the scent of old stories and cosmopolitan refinement. White walls plastered with clay lumps, woven carpets on the wooden floor, bedroom with divan and canopy and all the needed things for abiding.

Conacul dintre vii hosts you nowadays!

 Conacul dintre vii exists now. And looks as the story tells. In the small town of Urlati in the county of Prahova, just one hour away from Bucharest. The road with cherry trees, the vineyards, the old-time boyar house, the furniture, the flagons, the tubs, the wine, the bathing place, the people and life itself are all in their proper place. The same goes for your hosts, who cook healthy meals, comfitures and pickles, which we’re sure you’d like to take home with you. The only mentions: tap water, council room with state-of-the-art equipment and no plastic flowers!

The out-of-the-ordinary concept and the facilities of  Conacul dintre vii  define what you have looked for in Romania and probably haven’t found yet: the first accommodation with purely ecologic offer from Urlati (county of Prahova), where we observe completely the ecotouristic principles, in a unique combination of facilities for responsible interaction with nature, recreation, diet and lifestyle purification, entertainment, communication, study and flashback to an older Romanian civilisation.

Conacul dintre vii is a touristic complex created in a former boyar manor which we have renovated according to the present standards of the hospitality industry. We invite you to our easily accessible manor at the edge of Urlati, about one hour away from Bucharest and away from the city in a special landscape with cherry trees and vineyards.

  Conacul dintre vii offers 1 suite, 2 junior suites and 19 double rooms with own bathroom, minibar and TV set, in which we can accommodate 56 persons

The traveler refreshes his face with well water from the silver flagon and goes to lunch.

He yearns for a tasty meal with fresh vegetables from the garden and tremendous wine of Prahova from the vineyards around the town of Urlati. The living room is full of merry guests and the fire is burning in chimney. The healthy food is steaming, concealing the recipes of the nuns.

The jars with pickles, comfitures and sorbets are lined on the cellar shelves. Large wine tubs wait for the travelers to quench their thirst and the sommeliers to tell the stories and the secrets of the wines.

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