Romania’s nightlife can be easily matched with the one that you usually see in other European countries. There is something for everyone here, and the lively people and the great atmosphere make any choice as a good one for a night out. Whether you are having a traditional dinner in a fancy restaurant, get a cheap and tasty beer in a student’s bar or just dancing all night long in a  nightclub among beautiful Romanian women, you will definitely get the taste of true fun and spirit of the locals.

Bucharest has a growing number of nightclubs offering everything from hiphop and dance nights to jazz acts and ballroom dancing. Entry fees tend to be cheap, even in the capital, and outside the larger cities many clubs offer free entry.

Of all the wonderful things that Bucharest has to offer, nightlife is not the least of them. There is something for everyone in this town: and we mean everyone. From trendy bars to Irish pubs, lounge clubs and jazz clubs and the odd steamy strip show.
Nor will you have to worry about wandering the streets late at night: this is an incredibly safe city.
For many years all that was lacking was a central nightlife strip: an area where you know you will always find lively people and a good atmosphere. Now that Old Town/Lipscani has been revived and is packed with bars and cafes, that problem has been solved.

Restaurants at most major hotels double as nightclubs and Bucharest has several Parisian-style cafes, although the locals tend to favour cocktail bars in summer and cosy underground pubs in winter. You’ll also find a number of glitzy casinos clustered around the upmarket Calea Victoriei. Opera is performed at the Romanian Opera House and the Romanian Athenaeum has two symphony orchestras, while folk entertainment is performed at the Rapsodia Romana Artistic Ensemble Hall. The National Theatre Bucharest puts on regular events and shows, so it’s worth checking what’s on before you travel.

Strip clubs. Strip clubs are relatively few and not many of them actually worth to go there. Many of them are undercover brothels, with cheap women that practice prostitution after dancing for about 5 minutes on improvised scenes. The prices are extremely high.

Jazz and Latino clubs. Jazz is also popular in Romania, and you can find great jazz clubs, but mainly in the big cities. Being a Latin country, the Latino music describes well the true spirit of the Romanian people, the passion. It would be a pity not to join them on the dance floor. You will see that you can have a great time. There are many nightclubs with Latino music that attract every night salsa-dancing couples that dance and have great fun until morning.

Bars. Young Romanians like to gather in bars and have cappuccinos, imported beer and cocktails. It is a great way to spend few hours with your friends and check the local atmosphere. Locals also love to go in underground pubs, with good live music and medieval atmosphere; you will not find any of those in the U.S for sure.

Tip: Bars fill up pretty quickly in the evening, so if you want to find a free table, the best hour to go there is around 8 P.M. Usually, the wine is available by the bottle and it is n excellent choice for a more than fair price.

Dress code. Generally, dress code is casual, except the case you are heading for the casino or fancy night clubs. Romanian people don’t get dressed up when going out like people do in NY for example. This is a good thing, as the local atmosphere is more funny and relaxed.

Bucharest casinos.A must-check location in Bucharest is the lavish 24-hour Monte Carlo style Palace Casino on Calea Victoriei. The former Vernescu House, built in 1821, is impressive through its architecture and the rich decorations of each room. The tourists can play at any of the 24 game tables, around 80 slot machines or 20 Touch-bet roulettes. The auxiliary services for clients are exquisite and you can bet in USD or the local currency. Some other Bucharest casinos are Casino Bucharest, Casino Fortuna, Casino Mirage, Grand Casino, Marriott Casino and Perla Princess Casino.

Tip: If you want to spend a night in one of the Romanian casinos, you should be dressed smartly and bring an identification document with picture (such as ID card, passport or driver’s license). You must also be over 18 in order to get in a casino for gambling.

Dining. For a taste of the Romanian traditions, have dinner in restaurants that sere traditional Romanian cuisine dishes, where you can have the chance to see some of the traditional costumes, listen to great Romanian folk music and even try the local folk dances.

Concerts.The artistic life of the big cities is always vibrant as ever and tourists can enjoy the classic repertoire of Mozart or Puccini at the Opera House. Tickets at the opera are very affordable compared to anywhere else in Europe.

Nightlife in Romania peaks in larger cities. Bucharest has lots of bars and nightclubs. Outside the bigger cities the land is dotted with cheap drinking places and nifty discos. Outside big cities a night out will cost you almost nothing.

The top nightlife spots outside Bucharest include Brasov, Craiova, Sighisoara, Mamaia, Iasi, Constanţa, Galaţi, Ploieşti and Timisoara. Cluj-Napoca, with its large student population and funky minimal techno scene, also has a growing reputation as a party city. Don’t expect to dance the night away if you’re based in a smaller town, although small pubs and teahouses can offer a much better opportunity to get to know the locals.